Frequently Asked Questions


What is a decentralized blockchain application?

Decentralized blockchain applications use public blockchains such as Ethereum for transactional data storage and business logic. Decentralized blockchain applications also use decentralized forms of file storage such as IPFS. These technologies are also referred to as decentralized applications or Web 3.0 applications.

Are private/provisioned blockchains decentralized?

Blockchains running on private servers are not decentralized. The Ethereum Main Network is an example of a decentralized blockchain.

Why would a company want to build a decentralized application?

The use of public blockchains and decentralized storage have many benefits to a business. Businesses can exchange goods and services directly without the use of another company's services to make sure the transactions happens truthfully. Eliminate the need for banks in global trade. Businesses can track physical assets on a blockchain, improving accuracy and increasing tradability of their goods and services.

Why would someone want to use a decentralized application?

Users will have control over their identity, data, and assets ultimately unlocking very powerful features for normal people in their everyday life. Consumers will also benefit from companies that use public blockchains. Allowing consumers to track products and materials that they consume.

How do users interact with decentralized applications?

Decentralized applications more times than not will be in the form of a website. The only difference to a user between a centralized and decentralized website is the use of a browser wallet. Browser wallets allow users of decentralized websites to transact with the underlying peer-to-peer blockchain infrastructure using that blockchains cryptocurrency, to pay for a user’s network usage or even send cryptocurrency directly to other users.


What is Atra?

Atra Blockchain Services is a cloud platform that helps you build, deploy, and maintain decentralized blockchain applications.

Why should I use Atra?

Atra turns months of development time into minutes, and makes maintaining and extending your application just as easy. No cryptocurrency required, no code required.

How does the platform work?

Access the platform’s web services by Web Console or API. Use interoperable services to design and build a custom decentralized application. Come back to the console later to maintain or extend your application.

What can I build?

End-to-end decentralized blockchain applications for any use case. Our services are use case agnostic. We provide services from data storage to user interface.

What are some example applications I can build?

  • Supply chain management integrations for greater transparency and traceability
  • Peer-to-peer social networking
  • Public marketplace with peer-to-peer transactions
  • Global uncensorable news sources
  • Immutable and verifiable software package binaries
  • Secure digital record of certificates accessible world wide
  • Proof of insurance records accessible anywhere
  • Custom Ethereum payment processing

Who is the platform designed for?

Businesses small or large that want to save time and money prototyping and building their blockchain integration without the need for blockchain specific developers.

Individuals that want to explore new ways of building websites and starting companies.

How much does it cost?

The beta release of the platform is free. Production platform pricing is TBD.

Do you have a free tier?

The beta release is completely free. The production platform will have a free tier to get users started.

What is the beta platform?

The beta release of the Atra platform is a free version for anyone to use, no billing information required.

What blockchain network does Atra use?

Atra beta uses the Ethereum rinkeby test network and the production platform uses the Ethereum main network.

Does the platform work on mobile devices?

The platforms web console is a mobile friendly website. The applications built with the platform can also be accessed by any device. Services can be directly accessed within a mobile application using the API.

Do I need cryptocurrency to use the platform?

No, cryptocurrency is not required to use the platform. The applications you create will have the ability to accept and handle cryptocurrency from users.

Does Atra have a token?


Will there be more services?

Yes, many more. Follow us on social media for product announcements.

What does it mean to become a partner with Atra?

Partners are companies that work closely with Atra as we create our production platform. Partners will be able to influence the services and features we release and receive discounted production rates.

Do you have developer tools?

We offer a REST API and will offer SDKs in the future.