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The easiest way to build an Ethereum application.

Create a decentralized application in minutes. Start building today. No code required.

Blockchain development from months to minutes

No Developer Requried
Create an end-to-end application with our interface
No Cryptocurrency Required
We manage transactions for you
Rapidly Prototype Ideas
From idea to proof concept quickly
Affordable Development
The cost of web development with the power of blockchain
Familiar Development
Atra sports a User Interface, Rest API, and SDK

Blockchain doesn't have to be hard

We've done the hard stuff for you.

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Web services for Web 3.0

Build on top of the public Ethereum network with easy to use web services

Build your customized blockchain solution with Atra

Combine data storage, business logic, and user interface to support any creation.

Easy and secure peer to peer transactions
Supply Chain
Give consumers transparency into their purchases
Secure and immutable public storage
Partner with Atra to shape the future of Web 3.0

Let us help your business unlock it’s true potential.

Atra partnership offers hands on support for your blockchain implementation, the ability to help us shape services around your needs, early access to new products and services. Don’t hesitate - the future of technology is happening now.

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