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Reimagine how you build applications

Atra is a cloud computing platform with native support for the public Ethereum blockchain network - giving you a single platform to build and maintain the applications that will power the future.

Whatever you’re building, build it with atra

Whether you’re prototyping an idea or building a top-notch product, atra’s expanding suite of fully-managed web services will help you ship applications quickly and easily.

atra is for


Our fully-managed services are the perfect entry point for businesses to start exploring public blockchain use-cases.

Efficient and Scalable

Combine Web3 and centralized services to leverage the most efficient solutions for your application.

Prototype Faster

Prototype new ideas quickly in a test-net environment before launching to production, keeping R&D costs as low as possible.

Business Support

Atra is available to help you design and architect your solution, troubleshoot errors, and make sure your application runs smoothly.

atra is for


Atra supports a quick development pace, helps you streamline your workflow and avoid boilerplate tasks, removes friction and allows you to manage your application easily - all from one single platform.

Rest API and SDK

Easily integrate with your existing system using familiar methods.

Built-in Wallet

No need to hook up a third party wallet or bring your crypto along. Signing transactions is seamless and onboarding is a breeze.

Run Apps for Free

Atra’s free tier offers test-net capabilities to developers allowing you to prototype, test, and build for free.

atra is for


Learning Web3 development doesn’t have to be hard. Build an entire application end-to-end with no code on the Atra platform, making it one of the most satisfying learning resources available.

No Code Required

Using Atra’s point-and-click interface, you can go from idea to dApp in minutes - no code required.

Risk Free Development

Atra will always offer a free tier and test-net capabilities meaning you don’t need to sign a fancy contract to get building.

Knowledge Base

Dive in to written documentation, video tutorials, and community support. We want to help you learn and welcome all questions via our social channels.

A single platform to build, deploy, and maintain your applications

Explore what atra users are building

Enter the Atraverse, a dApp built on the Atra Platform, to explore what users have been building. Then build and share your own.

The easiest way to build Web3 applications for everyone

No certification necessary to dive in head-first to building your application. Atra’s services are powerful enough to support an enterprise, approachable enough to use for a class project, and affordable for those just starting out.


Builders Love Atra

Deploy apps and ideas faster than ever with an easy to use point-and-click interface that manages blockchain and server connections for you, giving you more time to focus on the big picture.

No Coding Necessary
Create an end-to-end application with our point-and-click interface without touching code.
Native Ethereum Support
Leverage blockchain technology in your application easily, without needing dedicated blockchain gurus.
Mobile Friendly Environment
The first blockchain-enabled cloud platform that can fit in the palm of your hand. Create, deploy, and manage from anywhere.
Built-In Ethereum Wallets
Easily onboard users and test to your dApp with built in wallets - no need to acquire crypto beforehand.
Customizable Contracts
Possibilities are endless - add custom logic to your application by uploading your own contracts.
Transactions Management
Experience asynchronous blockchain transactions. Click deploy and continue building without waiting.
Rapid Prototyping
Prototype a decentralized idea that actually interacts with the blockchain in minutes without needing to sink resources into coding, design, or hosting.
Track Application Metrics
Manage usage through service dashboards allowing you to quickly keep tabs on your application activity.
No Infrastructure Development
Atra’s services are fully-managed, meaning you don’t need to worry about development or maintenance of your application’s infrastructure.
Free Test Net Capabilities
Build and refine your application on the Ethereum test-net before deploying a production product.
Integrated Data Capabilities
Lay the foundation of your application with both decentralized and centralized databases that work with each other, to provide the best experience to your users and the lowest cost to you.
Solutions Architecting Support
Atra is experienced in building applications both on and off-chain. If you need help building your solution, we’re available to work through your idea to develop the most efficient architecture for your use-case.


We are committed to expanding our platform to meet your needs. Let us know what products and features you need - don’t be shy!