Decentralized API Endpoints with Built in Logic


Build the brains of your application using atra Triggers - decentralized API endpoints with built-in and configurable business logic. Control access, accept payments and map user-input values by creating Triggers through a point-and-click interface. Seamlessly connect users to your applications’ resources through safe and secure touch points. Enable your application to interact with an external user’s Ethereum wallet.

Create application logic like never before

Fully Integrated

Connect your Triggers to other atra services like dTables and LiteUI without any extra work

API + Logic

Trigger combines the two layers for a seamless experience without code. There’s no need to build, connect, and maintain API and business logic code like you do in traditional web2 systems.

Secure Access

Triggers are deployed smart contracts on Ethereum that allow for secure access by public and private keys.

Smart applications are built with Triggers
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