Meet Your New Favorite Rapid Prototyping Tool


Interact with your application instantly, no front-end resources required. LiteUI is a powerful website builder that connects to the rest of your Atra services, bringing them together in an easily configurable interface. LiteUI can serve as a prototyping tool or a production level application. LiteUI lessens the time needed to validate your data structures, business logic by giving you the means to test the functionality in minutes.

From Idea to Interaction in Minutes

Instant Integration and Deployment

Drag and drop UI Elements on the page and you’re done. UI Elements connect to dTables and Triggers integrating your decentralized resources with Ethereum instantly, no more web3js coding.

Rapid Prototyping

Take your ideas and turn them into reality, instantly. No more wasting time on front-end development just to play with your data and business logic, use LiteUI to test and tweak your application until it’s perfect.

Built in Wallet

Interacting with a LiteUI is frictionless, meaning you can onboard users quickly. No more clunky chrome extensions. Plus, make user or dev onboarding even easier with LiteWallet - pre-load, refill, and manage distributable wallets that can be attached to your LiteUIs.


LiteUI is a highly available and scalable website to build your business on top of. No need to worry about traffic patterns, front-end code, website infrustruce, or admin consoles. LiteUI has it all.

Click, Drag, Website
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