Create, Fund, and Manage Eth Wallets for Teams and Groups


Meet the service that makes onboarding users to your web3 application as easy as possible. aWallet houses two powerful types of Ethereum wallets that makes giving and managing cryptocurrency to large groups of people or dev teams seamless and instant.


Instantly spin up bulk Ethereum wallets for onboarding new users, testing your application, and allocating to dev teams. From one single dashboard you can create, assign, fill and refill wallets. Managing users and adding more wallets is incredibly simple - users or members of your team will never need to go through the hassle of acquiring more crypto.

Easily Distributed

Share AccessPass-enabled links with your users. One click and they’re ready to integrate with your decentralized application.


Deposit Eth into AccessPasses with the click of a button - no need to deal with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Developer Friendly

Fill AccessPasses with test net ether for faster testing of applications.

User Management

Assign, organize, and manage your application AccessPasses all in one place.


AccessPasses seamlessly integrates with LiteUI websites. No third party wallet needed, meaning users can start using your application instantly with no barrier to entry.

Click, Drag, Website


Generate, fund, manage a single wallet or import and manage existing public key.

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